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venture capital

Enabling our clients  “TO ACCELERATE” their  strategic business plan.

The Gatti Group has been involved in the venture community for over 30 years. Partners have raised venture capital and have worked as venture partners with most of the venture capital companies throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The Gatti Group can help develop business plans and provide introductions to sources of money through venture capital companies and unique connections with government agencies here and internationally. Start-ups require incredible execution; the team at Gatti Group has the right experience and skills to deliver immediate impact. We are experts in making early-stage companies successful. Whether you need to uncork your revenue, make a new product successful, or raise money, we have been where you are.

What differentiates the Gatti Group is speed and knowledge. We leverage our successful startup experience to blast through your current challenges and accelerate your ramp.

But more importantly, we collaborate with you to develop the right plan for your business and help you eliminate roadblocks. We make sure your plan; presentation and you are ready for prime time.


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