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       What is your  Differential Advantage?

The Gatti Group applies time tested proven techniques to help entrepreneurs develop business plans that are specific about differential competitive advantages that are sustainable. The Gatti Group helps you capture your “Special Sauce” and describe the market, the business opportunity, and why you are better than competition. We challenge entrepreneurs to describe in one page why someone should invest in you. We help you with SWOT analysis, positioning, and market strategies. Starting with how you tell a prospect why they should buy from you to establish endearing value is our mission.


Telling Your Story

elevator pitch

We can help you create the “Elevator Pitch” in 12 to 15 slides that will communicate your business plan and opportunity. There is no magic silver bullet, except keep the slides simple and use pictures and graphics.

the presentation

  • 2 slides to set the stage and capture everyone’s attention. What is the market and what is the opportunity that you will capture?
  • 3 slides that show how you are going after the opportunity. This is when you describe the “Special Sauce” that makes you different and why will you succeed. Be specific about the benefits the customer benefits and why the customer will select you.
  • Use an example of what you have, a demonstration is always the best, otherwise a mock-up or picture will d0.
  • 1-2 slides on completion and how you compare. Be specific about features, functions, and solutions.
  • Financials covering expense and revenue for 12-24 months in detail by quarter and year three in one column. Forget hockey sticks, no one believes them, however, spend time discussing how you will run the business and your spending philosophy.
  • 1 slide on the team and why their qualifications will make the company successful.
  • Summarize why this is a compelling opportunity and how much money you want to raise. Do not get hung up on valuation. It is what it is.

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