Dan Gatti, President, General Management,

Mr. Gatti serves as Managing Partner of Innovative Capital Ventures, Inc. helping companies get additional investment and manage the strategic relationship with companies interested in new technology. Mr. Gatti has served as President and CEO of three venture backed companies. He has developed a “Strategic Business and Marketing Planning Process” focused on matching skills, talents and capabilities of companies core competence versus competition.

Mr. Gatti is Vice Chair of Client Acquisition for the Chairmen’s Roundtable of San Diego mentoring companies pro bono.

Mr. Gatti is the founder and executive director of the Big Data IoT Forum ,  an industry organization dedicated to providing information and solutions about the massive growth in Big Data and the Internet of Things, with a vision is to provide a Forum for customers to discuss their application and how they will implement IoT analytics into the workflow.

Mr. Gatti is the founder and executive director of Health Cloud Solutions providing information about Cloud-Based Solutions that improve healthcare by applying the latest technology in the Healthcare Market

Mr. Gatti was President and CEO of OnSite Systems selling wireless backhaul solutions, located in Santa Clara, CA. Prior to OnSite, Mr. Gatti was President and CEO of BigBangwidth selling solutions to solve security and bandwidth constraints of GRID networks. Mr. Gatti was President and CEO of MAYAN Networks, providing optical switches to the service provider market.

Previous positions include  Vice President and General Manager of 3Com’s Network Service Provider Division,  Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Primary Access,  President of Aptec Computer Systems providing multimedia I/O servers. Vice President of Marketing at Amdahl and GTE. Mr Gatti started his carreer at IBM

Mr. Gatti has a BA from Fairfield University and completed the executive MBA program at the Harvard Advanced Business School.