Ben Peek, Partner, Network Infrastructure and Strategy

Ben Peek has designed Data Centers for enterprise and telecom companies with a vision for energy efficiency. He was the CIO of Agnosco Communications Group and teamed with RAND, Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Purdue University to develop a distributed information system prototype to enable the private and public sectors to interact in a secure information environment.

Previously, Mr. Peek was CTO of Time Warner Telecom who acquired GST, where Mr. Peek served as Senior Fellow and President of GST Internet. Mr. Peek designed fiber networks for Electric Lightwave, Bonneville Power, and TransAlta Utilities Corporation in Alberta.

Mr. Peek was one of three DARPA Principal Investigators (PI) for the National Transparent Optical Network Consortium (NTONC), a DARPA funded 10 Gbps research network (OC-192) from Seattle to San Diego via Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. NTON also has multiple 2.4 Gbps rings in the San Francisco Bay area.

Mr. Peek was the director of the Oregon Advanced Computing Institute and the Oregon Joint Graduate Schools of Engineering, a graduate program including the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Engineering, Portland State University, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon.

Mr. Peek is a charter member of the Super Computing Institute and an advisor to the Telecom industry.