The Gatti Group takes great pride in its long standing relationships with industry leading associations and trade groups.

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to catalyzing positive change in the information industry and its university communities. More
The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is the leading trade association in the communications and information technology industry with proven strengths in market development, trade promotion, trade shows, domestic and international advocacy, standards development and enabling e-business. More
The Internet Security Alliance was created to provide a forum for information sharing and thought leadership on information security issues. It represents industry’s interest before legislators and regulators and aims to identify and standardize best practices in Internet security and network survivability while creating a collaborative environment to develop and implement information security solutions. The alliance is a collaborative effort between Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI)*, its CERT® Coordination Center (CERT/CC), and the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), a federation of trade associations.

With the formation of the Internet Security Alliance, members will have a single portal for up-to-the-minute threat reports, best security practices, risk management strategies, and more, which will give them the edge in the competitive and volatile environment of the Internet.
Created in 1992, TiE’s mission is to enrich foster and facilitate entrepreneurship throughout the community. TiE has evolved into a vibrant global organization of more than 12,000 members and 53 chapters in 11 countries. "TiE" stands for "The Indus Entrepreneurs," and while its roots originated with US entrepreneurs from India, TiE also stands for “Talent, Ideas, Enterprise.”

TiE's membership and benefits are open to all with members consisting of entrepreneurs, executives, investors, academics, consultants, service providers and mainstream professionals from a multitude of industries. TiE San Diego was inaugurated in June 2000 largely in response to tremendous economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit in “America’s Finest City.” TiE San Diego achieves its goals by hosting monthly events in which prominent speakers share their experiences, wisdom and insights. There is also ample opportunity for business networking which is an integral part of the chapter
Enterprise Saskatchewan will be the focal point for establishing broad partnerships involving all levels of government, industry, labour, Aboriginal people, post-secondary institutions and other stakeholders dedicated to the goal of sustained economic growth.

Enterprise Saskatchewan and the collective partnerships will advance provincial economic development goals, strategies and clear measurable targets for economic performance. In collaboration with industry and other partners, and with support from Executive Council, ministries, agencies and Crown corporations, action will be taken to achieve the economic performance targets, encourage economic growth, and enhance Saskatchewan's competitive position.

"Enterprise Saskatchewan will be organized and based on the key sectors of our economy. Its job, through sector participants, will be to identify, develop, and monitor competitive advantages and disadvantages in each sector and prescribe action. Reports will be public, and will add to the accountability of this and future governments when it comes to our stated objectives of being among the most competitive business climates in the country. In short, its role is to continually push the competitive envelope." – Premier Brad Wall
Vision San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce will be acclaimed as a leader and catalyst in facilitating value for its members by optimizing their competitive viability in the regional, national, and global marketplaces. Today, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is still one of the most influential forces in local government and regional economic development. With more than 3,000 members, the Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in public policy and providing valuable resources to its members. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is still the nonprofit business advocacy group that Alonzo Horton envisioned more than a century ago. With more than 130 years of experience, the Chamber offers unprecedented benefits, discounts, and opportunities to make San Diego businesses prosperous. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is excited to pave the way for a growing regional economy as we venture into the new millennium
Established in 2004, PromoBologna is the Local Development Agency of Bologna’s metropolitan area. The Agency is no-profit, all its services are strictly confidential, tailored to the client’s needs and free of charge. The Agency’s main mission is to promote the local economic system and inward investment. PromoBologna is the reference point for companies and foreign investors interested in Bologna’s metropolitan area and for supporting the local institutions network and trade associations
The United States Telecom Association is the leading broad-based association for the local exchange carrier industry worldwide. More
Mr. Gatti serves as a venture partner of ArrowPath Venture Capital an E*Trade Group venture fund. Is on the Board of the TIA(Telecommunications Industry Association), Board of Governors of the EIA(Electronics Industry Association), a member of the Executive Council of IEC(International Engineering Consortium) and advisor to USTA(United States Telephone Association).

Mr. Gatti is an executive fellow involved in Santa Clara University's CIE entrepreneurship program. In addition, he is an advisor to Internet Security Alliance and chairing IEC's Information Security Executive Forum (ISEF), to be held April 22-23, 2003, in Washington, D.C.
Begun 1998 by Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, CIE’s mission is to assist startups, foster corporate innovation, and teach the theory and guide development of the art of entrepreneurship.