The Gatti Group takes great pride in its long standing relationships with industry leading associations and trade groups.

CRT’s value proposition is for its members to exchange ideas, expertise and connections with local business owners to make their companies successful and thereby contribute to the growth of the San Diego economy.

The Mentors of CRT are former executives and entrepreneurs who volunteer their time and expertise to helping for-profit companies be successful. Their motivation is simply to contribute to the community by helping local companies succeed.

Our mentors are experienced in most sectors of the economy, having succeeded in leadership positions in industries such as restaurant and hospitality, aerospace and defense, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, media, health care, real estate, important/export, consumer products, recreational services and travel, and dozens of other sectors.

The Gatti Group works closely with San Diego State University Graduate Department of Homeland Security where Dan Gatti serves as Adjunct Faculty
As the first graduate-level Homeland Security program offered in the United States, we proudly offer a rich, interdisciplinary graduate study curriculum leading to the Master of Science degree

We work on issues ranging from cyber security, counter-human trafficking, child slavery, counter-narcotics, to food and water security issues.  We seek not only to eliminate the bad actors who create and capitalize upon human suffering, but also the economic and security conditions that allow black market and organized crime networks to flourish.  We are working hard to help create a world in which people of all nations have enough to eat, have meaningful economic opportunities, and feel safe in their homes, schools, and businesses. We invite you to explore our program, our process, and our people.

NCITE is America’s latest terrorism and targeted violence-fighting tool. Our work is counterterrorism research: 50+ academics from 18 universities focused on 10 pressing areas of study. Our goal is to innovate, educate, and create new prevention strategies while building a workforce pipeline where it’s desperately needed: in STEM and Homeland Security fields.
The State Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training has an oral trial room, a gym, a weapons room, a library, bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room, an Operational Tactical Intervention House, two virtual shooting ranges with more than 90 scenarios, two other real shot, one of them endorsed by the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA).